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Real Estate

We have extensive experience in all aspects of real estate law and provide all legal services related to real estate law throughout world. Before embarking on any property related transaction, it is very important to understand the rules regarding property ownership, mortgages, buying and selling, and renting. As real estate developed, so did the legal framework. As the real estate market continues to grow, specific ownership, tenancy, mortgage and management laws have been enacted. 

Dispute Resolution

If you are looking for a Dispute Resolution Lawyer in the United Arab Emirates, this is the place to be. We leverage our extensive expertise in this area to handle all of our clients' dispute resolution matters. We can advise and represent clients in Dubai and other UAE emirates on real estate, commercial, employment, banking, Islamic finance, transportation, insurance, construction, intellectual property and criminal matters.


Our company assists domestic and foreign companies operating in different sectors of the economy in drafting, reviewing and reviewing various commercial, civil, labor and real estate contracts, including franchise agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements and commission agreements.

Regulatory Compliance

Make sure your company is fully compliant with all legal requirements. Our services include everything from initial assessment to ongoing management, providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of compliance.

Corporate & Commercial

Corporate law is one of our core competencies. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of  law and business practices enable us to provide accurate and efficient advice on corporate and commercial law. We have the necessary resources, experience and skills to meet all legal needs in day-to-day business operations.

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